wp_aboutWayne Callender was born in Barbados and moved to New York when he was a young boy. Suzanne was born in Jamaica, and moved to the U.S. for a job in the airline industry, where she met Wayne. They both had successful, well-paying jobs with the airlines. However, with a round-the-clock work schedule they saw very little of each other. After they were married, they began to resent their hectic lifestyle, but felt they had no choice other than to continue to work at the airlines, slowly building seniority. In the corporate world, Wayne wanted to climb the ladder to get to the top, but when he saw the lifestyle his managers were living, he knew that he wanted more out of life. And then when the airline sent letters warning employees of possible downsizing, Wayne and Suzanne knew they needed more for their family. At that point, they decided to focus on a marketing business they had started in their spare time.

Wayne and Suzanne were willing to sacrifice their spare time to get their business started. Soon their persistence made it possible for Suzanne to leave her job, and Wayne quickly joined her as a fulltime business partner.

As the Callenders have achieved success in their business, they also give their time and energy to support worthwhile charities in their local area of Dixon Hills, New York. They are especially active supporting Easter Seals and the U.S. Dream Academy due to the programs these organizations have developed to meet the needs of children and returning veterans. The Callenders truly understand the value of helping others and have made it a priority.

Today, family is the center of their lives. They are the parents of three sons, Justin, Brandon, and Jason. For Suzanne, being home with her family is the best part of their business. Surrounded by their kids, uplifted by their colleagues, passionate about their business, the Callenders know exactly what it takes to build a successful independent business.